History of the Canadian Police Accreditation Coalition

Pre-1995 all Canadian accredited agencies were given associate membership in the State Agency Accreditation Coalition.  The challenge with this arrangement was that Canadian agencies did not have voting privileges, and therefore no representation to the Commission.
1995 March 25, Alexandria Virginia Conference – CANPAC was formed.  Participating Canadian agencies included: Edmonton Police Service, Peel Regional Police Service, Camrose Police Service, Brandon Police Service, and the Winnipeg Police Service.  Elected as President was Sgt. Tom Peebles of the EPS, and Vice President was Inspector Barry Turnbull of Peel Regional.  Both were elected for 1-year terms, and agencies did not pay dues.

1997 November 21
, Tulsa Oklahoma Conference a new executive was elected: Sgt. Phil Bailey of the EPS, and Inspector Damian Parrent of the Niagara Regional PS.  Annual dues of $100.00 was decided upon to absorb administration fees.  Up until that time the EPS was footing the bill for pins, pamphlets, etc.
In 2004 CANPAC created the CANPAC website (www.canpac.org).  The website is used by its membership for information gathering and sharing purposes.  It also serves as a site that the public can visit and learn about CANPAC.
Presently, members from the CANPAC agencies make up the executive.  There is a “dues” structure for an agency to belong to CANPAC.  An annual CANPAC conference is held at different locations in Canada.

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