The Process

The accreditation process involves a comprehensive agency self-assessment of over 450 standards. The standards address six major law enforcement subjects:

  • role, responsibilities, and relationships with other agencies;
  • organization, management, and administration;
  • personnel administration;
  • law enforcement operations, operational support, and traffic law enforcement;
  • risoner and court related services; and
  • auxiliary and technical services.

After undergoing self-assessment, an on-site assessment is completed by a team of trained independent assessors. These CALEA assessors verify the agency`s compliance with standards by checking its proofs and interviewing operations and management personnel. The assessors also conduct a public hearing to elicit citizens comments.

During the Assessment periods, the agency must maintain compliance with the standards, and submit annual reports attesting to this fact.  Re-accreditation occurs at the end of this period, pending another successful on-site assessment and a hearing before the Commission.

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