Welcome to the Canadian Police Accreditation Coalition

The Canadian Police Accreditation Coalition (CANPAC) recognizes and supports the concept of
accreditation of law enforcement agencies as a means to enhance the quality of law enforcement services
throughout Canada. To this end, CANPAC will provide a network for member agencies that will encourage
communication, mutual cooperation, training, support and the sharing of resources.

The Commission’s Authority

CALEA derives its general authority from the four major law enforcement membership associations.
Their members represent approximately 80% of the law enforcement profession in this nation.
The Commission derives its accreditation authority from those agencies that voluntarily participate
in the accreditation program.

The Purpose of the Commission

The overall purpose of the Commission’s accreditation program is to improve delivery of law enforcement
service by offering a body of standards, developed by law enforcement practitioners, covering a wide
range of up-to-date law enforcement topics. It recognizes professional achievements by offering an
orderly process for addressing and complying with applicable standards.

The Voluntary Nature of the Accreditation Program

Successful completion of the accreditation program requires commitment from all levels of the organization,
starting with the chief executive officer. To foster commitment, a decision to participate should be voluntary.
To this end, the Commission insures that law enforcement accreditation™
is and will continue to be a voluntary program.


Besides the recognition of obtaining international excellence, the primary benefits of accreditation
include controlled liability insurance costs, administrative improvements, greater accountability from
supervisors, increased governmental and community support

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